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About Lana

Lana embarked upon her first recruitment position after graduating from Business School. Lana is passionate about working with and supporting people to succeed. Recruitment therefore, was an ideal place to start. Lana started her journey in Nursing & Midwifery recruitment at the beginning of the outbreak of COVID - 19. Lana was moved by the commitment and dedication of healthcare workers in this time of uncertainty. Seeing how they banded together to help the public through such difficult times highlighted that these were the people she wanted to help and support the most. As such she is now fulfilling this role at 2XM Healthcare doing her part to support the Nursing & Midwifery sector and the communities it supports.

Outside of 2XM Healthcare, you will find Lana spending time with friends, exploring Perth’s best food options, playing board games, or having a quiet night in with her Cats.

If you are a Nurse looking for support in your next role or contract, get in touch, Lana will be happy to support.

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